Sunday, August 19, 2012

Getting Ready for Essentials

Mastery Chart Notebook-- 1 full, 10 empty, ABC dividers
It's time to get ready for Classical Conversations-- Essentials of the English Language Class. So here's how I organize my essential student.


1) Essential curriculum (for me!)

2) Mastery Chart notebook-- A large notebook, divided into A through R. I place 1 copy of the full chart and 10 copies of empty charts behind each letter.

3) Quid et quo notebook-- A separate notebook with a section for 50 blank quid et quos basic pages and 25 blank quid et quo detailed pages

 4) Analytical Task Sheet notebook-- A notebook with 100 copies of blank task sheets, printed front and back
Quid et Quo-- 50 basic, 25 detailed
5) Trivium tables and moveable walls-- those cardboard things from CC

Writing-- Anything that needs to be written.....

1) Student Text-- I don't buy a teacher's book
2) Downloadable handbook-- Printed and spiral bound
3) Text Copies notebook-- I reuse the writing textbooks, so I don't let my kids write in it. I copy out all pages that need writing (key word outlines, etc.) and the check lists that need to be turned in with papers. I divide it out by lesson with numbered dividers.

and turn in pages, divided by lesson with # dividers


  1. Wow. This seems difficult and involved. Maybe I don't want to do this...

  2. The first year of Essentials can be overwhelming. I didn't know about the copies and notebooks and such, so it was terribly difficult to piece-meal. This year should be much easier.